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The Problem


Young people show low interest & motivation for learning (when according to more formal educational approaches) and from there other problems can arise, such as school absence, low basic & transversal skills, and thus less initiative and participation. 

On the other hand, Educational institutions may show lack of informal and non-formal educational approaches, ICT skills on teachers & staff, cooperation and sharing opportunities, and misfit tools and methods...

All The ICT Resources You Need. All In One Place

One Solution


CLICK introduces into standard youth educational systems (which are still unevenly based in formal learning methods) a simple, innovative and widely validated approach!. The goal is to foster innovative educational approaches, through the identification, development and sharing of new ways (methods, tools, practices) to attract younger groups to different learning means, and to stimulate among them concrete awareness, knowledge, initiative and the acquisition of basic and soft skills.

about Click project



CLICK: Technologies for Education of Youngsters is an European initiative, settled by nine organizations from all over EU. We invite you to know a bit more about the project, its goals, partners and activities. 

education is in constant flux



Let us keep you up-to-date! Click provides a simple and innovative model to teach and educate, allowing all to share and use a set of ICT widely validated tools for education of youngsters.

  • 22 - 27 Feb 2016 | Transnational Seminar
  • 25 Feb 2016 | Final Public Conference
  • VENUE | CUBA (Alentejo, Portugal)
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Sharing CLICK model


If you're a teacher, a youth worker or an educator, please get in touch with us and share your ideas, your educational contents or the open resource and ICT based tools you use while educating youngsters. We are sharing ours!

Simple and accessible tools revolutionizing the way we look at educational resources. And from an operational standpoint, the fact that everything is "open source" and in one place, would save an incredible amount of time.


CLICK team


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