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Click: Technologies for Education of Youngsters is an 18 month pilot initiative, settled through a transnational partnership composed by 9 organisations from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Latvia and Scotland/UK, aiming the development and promotion of integrated approaches regarding the methods and tools available today for the education of youth.


Click presents a multi-target approach. On one hand the Click initiative is giving focus to young pupils with less opportunities, facing social or educational needs, and, on the other hand, a special attention is given to teachers, educators and youth workers, which are directly involved in the education of the above groups. 

Supporting the production and adoption of Open Educational Resources, namely through the use of friendly, dynamic and widely accessible ICT, fostering the production of educational contents in different EU languages
Promoting the professional development of school staff and youth workers in the fields of ICT, non-formal education tools and practices, but as well through the development and production of didactic contents and open educational resources.
Click partners
Promoting the take-up of novel initiatives, solutions and concepts in education and youth work, by supporting concrete actions that respect simultaneously 3 major dimensions: Educational needs; School curricular plan, and; The full spectrum of youngsters interests and creativity.
Improving the attainment of young people, particularly those at risk of early school leaving and with low basic skills, by introducing innovative and more attractive educational resources at school



Improving school-community ecosystem: communities experiencing active and open schools, and schools contributing to community enhancement
Developing skills
Open Resources
Respecting the needs
Community focus
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