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ICT for teaching

Click videos

The World Wide Web is an incredible repertoire of information in many subjects and for many targets. Nevertheless, most of the times the problem is finding the perfect page where the theme and the approach is exactly what teachers and educators need to teach their pupils. What if we could make that search for you?

A collection of short videos produced by the project partners in order to feed the Click teachings but as well to support concrete teachings goals at school. It is a growing gallery of educational videos that you can freely use to support your own teachings. We invite you to build and to share your own videos through our channel!

Click teachings

CLICK teachings, or lessons, are educational contents, built and developed through external ICT tools and platforms, which are available to teach young pupils. Content thematic is extremely varied and can be framed by the crossed approach between your educational needs, pedagogic plan and youngster’s own interests. 

Click model

A narrative of Click best practices, accompanied by comprehensive guidance on methodological approaches, and introducing transferable working tools. The model we're sharing provides key information to interested parties and is the main tool to guide and support the replication and adaptation of CLICK initiative in your context.

Simple and accessible tools revolutionizing the way we look at educational resources. And from an operational standpoint, the fact that everything is "open source" and in one place, would save an incredible amount of time.


CLICK team




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